Perturbed Poetry

‪#‎Paper‬ was blank
‪#‎Mind‬ was blank
‪#‎Poet‬ in peace

Idea flashed
Mind flourished
Words drizzled in paper

Poet perturbed
Mind pierced, as
What ‪#‎written‬ is
What that be in
Corridor of unwritten.

Paper thrown to bin
Mind breathe easy
Poet sits in ‪#‎Peace‬..

End of a ‪#‎Poetry‬
RIP words..



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Intolerant India

6a00d83451596669e2014e8ac2f46a970d-800wi‪#‎India‬ or ‪#‎indians‬ (maybe one of the few races in the world which) consider its own culture as a shame, degraded & poisonous but at the same time do not have any hesitation to embrace ‪#‎foreign‬ ‪#‎culture‬ particularly the western culture as elegant and noteworthy.. this trend didn’t not happen in recent times but before also..

That is why Swami ‪#‎Vivekananda‬ has to deliver ‪#‎patriotic‬ speech to indians in 19th century, this sections of speech is commonly referred as “Columbo to Almora”..

I dont think any ‪#‎political‬ ‪#‎parties‬ are responsible for this plight as the present generation is a descent of that degraded old generation from ‪#‎19thcentury‬, so excepting ‪#‎21stcentury‬ generation to be patriotic and respect the Indian culture is like asking a monkey to behave without the trait of ‘Monkieness’.. Remember a rose will never boom in a Mushroom..

Those who try to ‪#‎teach‬ and ‪#‎reach‬ the present ‪#‎generation‬ about it rich‪#‎heritage‬ will also be considered as lunatic and superstitious, thus the better way is to remain silent in these useless drama, as it is all the play of the Mother ‪#‎Divine‬..

To know the glory of this tradition one has to delve deeply and spend his entire life to its ‪#‎literature‬ and ‪#‎philosophy‬ written centuries ago which is not an easy job to do, so as Carl Jung said “‪#‎thinking‬ is a difficult job that is why most ‪#‎people‬ ‪#‎judge‬“, particularly when u get infos from ‪#‎media‬, ‪#‎tv‬ and‪#‎socialnetworks‬ why bother to study when parroting what they got from Junk Bin is easy?

End note……..

In a recent interview jnanpith award (highest literary award given by Indian government) winner MT Vasudevan Nair said, that he regret that he has not given prominent importance to Indian literature always lauded foreign literature in his life but in his old age after reading Kalidasa he understood that no poet is better than him because none has subtle understood the nature than Kalidasa, so it was costly miss…
(from the book “Kathikante Kala”)

How many more so-called ‪#‎Intellectuals‬ and ‪#‎liberals‬ will regret and remorse when they reach in their twilights that what they run after or believed in their adolescent was a mirage?

“Up to that time come
Thou open your mouth not
As a dog in ‘Dark’ barks
Even at the owner
Who feeds him all day”

I feel sorry for my generation and generations to come…


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Brilliance of Sachin Tendulkar

Even though I don’t fully agree with ‪#‎kapildev‬ on his analysis on ‪#‎sachin‬ ‪#‎tendulkar‬, but I agree with him that Tendulkar has not achieved as the talent he had. I have watched all most all matches #tendulkar played in test and onedays from his early days and I remember one of the post match analysis Sunil ‪#‎gavaskar‬ said.

Gavaskar said Tendulkar will play till the age of 40 and will get at least 5 centuries in a year (my memory is he said 5 in test and 5 one days) so 24 years 10 centuries per year. Gavaskar then told the fellow commenter (don’t remember who was it, but a rough guess is Harsha Bhogale) not to calculate the figures as you will get crazy when you see that number. Gavaskar told the commentator that if Tendulkar has not achieved this much when he retires then he has not done justice to his talent as a ‪#‎batsmen‬.


I am not ‪#‎cricketing‬ expert, but my personal opinion is – Sachin Tendulkar was compared to many great crickets in his era and his previous is mainly because Sachin has not played to his potential. if he had then no one will dare to compare him with anyone. so comparison itself is proof that he has not played to HIS LEVEL. By saying that we should also remember the pressure he had as at that time the whole team and opposition aimed only his wicket even though the Indian team even that time had many great players of all time. But one wicket that can change the game made Tendulkar vulnerable and forget his true potential and forced to a cautious approach. Along with that poor umpiring also made a significant change in his records

But the reason why Sachin didn’t not achieve more double and triple centuries is not coz of ‪#‎mumbai‬ circle as kapil dev said. What I believe Sachin Tendulkar understanding of the game is similar to the Zen master’s wisdom about Zen (he was able to predict even in a commentary box is an example) and Tendulkar’s focus in the crease is like that of a meditation, that is why he was able to anticipate the mind of ‪#‎bowler‬, the line and length of the delivery and adjust his reflex.

Due to such an enormous focusing power he was not able to focus more than a limit, as it is well known that it is impossible to spend hours and hours in meditation. ‪#‎Meditation‬ is quick and powerful and has a short span of time. this made him lose the focus and bowlers in his era was that much smart that they can capitalize on lapse of a second in concentration.

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Leftist Yoga

Sitaram Yechuri

Sitaram Yechuri

‪#‎SitaramYechury‬ yoga has mainly movement of many animals they have not even shy to give asanas the name of the creatures whom they follow like ‪#‎matysaasana‬ ‪#‎kukkudasana‬ etc. they did so because they found it beneficiary.

If ‪#‎yoga‬ is much like dog movement then let me tell one thing, two of those dog movement also have ‪#‎cpm‬ ‪#‎marxist‬ patent. First One is wagging the tale of 3dogs to its owner like which ‪#‎commardes‬ do with their head without thinking right or wrong and without a dissent of ‪#‎politbureu‬ ‪#‎decisions as an integral part of #cadre party funcationing‬. 2nd one ‪#‎dogbarking‬. We never a new thing comes by any govt the first thing #cpm and ‪#‎left‬ leaders do is bark at it as dogs do wen seeing strangers in the home. after many years repent and accept they barked before was wrong.

If yoga is insulting do movement for u then ask ur #commardes to stop the newly launched ‪#‎secular‬ yoga campaign in ‪#‎kerala‬ and also ask ur senior leadership and one of the finest ‪#‎communist‬ Mr ‪#‎achudananthan‬ to stop doing in which he is fit and better than many pb members at the age of 95.

I can understand ur frustration and ‪#‎envious‬ ‪#‎attitude‬ mr yechuri as those manners in which communist can bestow the world is that of ‪#‎smoking‬ ‪#‎blacktea‬ and ‪#‎parippuvada‬ if followed will bring grave ‪#‎sickness‬ so u have nothing ‪#‎healthy‬ to ‪#‎propagate‬ to the society so barking all things that are #healthy..

Yoga has survived thousands of centuries and still spreading to more and more ‪#‎countries‬ without a ‪#‎weapon‬ or ‪#‎fatwas‬ on the contrary ‪#‎communism‬ which have only a few centuries legacy is sharply declining and becoming #zero soon.. think ur good ideology is declining and unrealistic yoga ideology is increasing..

And the good thing for #indians is after 1 or 2 elections the services of #yechuri & co will not be needed as the state of it in the ,world and finally Mr yechuri you can raise ur head high as u r now in charge of an organisation who has murdered 10 lakh people in china which is thrice to wat #hitler did with #naazis


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Lalitha Sahasranama & Sri VIdya

<a href="http://“> Lalitha Sahasranam fully chanted by Kavalam Sri Kumar

One of the powerful Mantra among Vedic Ritual. In ancient Kerala woman’s was intellectually powerful than Man. She had insight about healing and herbs thus no one in their family needed to go to Doctor.  I sincerely believe all powers of the ancient woman was due to chanting this mantra on a daily basis from their childhood. If chanted correctly fully it will create powerful vibrations in subtle and gross body.

This Mantra is considered as an essence of Sri Vidya so those who are not initiated to Sri Vidya (which is the most difficult mantra to get from a Real Guru) can chant this Mantra. Sri Vidya is a mantra of 16 Beeja Akshara (Powerful Alphabet). From these 16 letters, 15 letters represent the wax and wane of moon and 16 the letter is the most sacred and secret represent the unchanged and invisible power of moon. The 16th letter should be obtained from a traditional guru on the midnight of the Full moon day. for chanting the 15 letters a guru is not needed.

Lalitha (Godesses) Sahrasanam (1000 names) consist of 1001 sanskrit meditative names of Devi adored as Shakthi. Shakthi is most powerful among energies. Thus these 16 letters have powerful energy vibrations. All These 16 letters encompassed in a few verse after the middle part in Lalitha Sahrasanama. Since srividya is considered as the most sacred and secret thus am not enclosing that middle part of the verse where Sri Vidya bheeja akshara comes. In northern india the woman’s use to chant Chandi instead of Lalitha Sahararam.

Sri Vidya/Chandrajnana vidya (wisdom of Moon) is the only mantra from that is considered as holy from Tantra and for the aspirants. Sri Chakra is a visual representation of Sri Vidya which also the way in which a newborn baby lies in the stomach of mother. Sri Chakra is considered as a miniature form of Shiva and Shakthi thus Sri Chakra is placed in an auspicious room and perform worship on it. It can be a two-dimensional form or three-dimensional form. Sri Chakra should be drawn correctly if it is incorrect then it brings negative energies.


Adi Shankara wrote Saundalahari as his Salutation to Sri Vidya, so from that you can understand the power of Sri Vidya. Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda also worshipped Goddesses and it is believed that they have chanted Sri Vidya Upasana. Most great Guru’s were also Sri Vidya Upasak, and monks in Shankara Lineage practice it.  these all shows the importance of Sri Vidya Upasana. Lalitha Sahranam is the short cut to get into srividya. Chanting Lalitha Sahasranam needs no guru and obtains the essence and grace of Sri vidya make it different from other Mantras. Other Sahranamas (like Vishnu Sahasranam, etc) are not from Vedas thus are not equal to Lalitha Sahrasnam.  Thus, Lalitha is suitable for everyone irrespective of knowledge, age, and genders.

If you want to learn more about Sri Vidya Upasana then read Saundraya Lahari (also known as Ananda Lahari) of Adi Shankara or Sukha Bodhini written by Guru of Shankara. Sir John Woodroffe has translated Saundrya lahari and considered as the finest translation in English. He has written many books on Sri Vidya and Tantra.

Few verses of Saundrya Lahari are given in this link for full version you have to buy the book from amazon.

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Agni Hotra

I learned a lot from last 18 months in connection with planes of mind. I oozed through the mental/ astral plane and the shore of the sublime in its subtlety. Even though this six months of learning were more powerful than my whole life learning from childhood, but am not taking it in that way because everything is evolving, without my childhood learning I won’t be fit enough to learn these lesson I learned from these last 6 months. It is the plant that evolves to tree..

The lessons were hard enough which was meant to learn not just from a lifetime, maybe a hundred years of life won’t be sufficient. I am deeply thankful to my master who made blessed me the strength and intellect so as to grasp it.. I was able to fly through it only because of the wings bestowed from upanishadic ‘Agnividya’ and Pranavidya.

I have understood the power of Agnihotram.. And why Agni is called Purohita… There is no other purohita than fire brahmins are not fit to call Purohita because they too are only channel to make Yajna in which Agni is the purohitha… Feeling blessed to be born in a culture that declared life is Yajna (sacrifice) ‘Purusha yanja’.. Feeling humble at the feet of their unmatched intellectual prowess.. Nama Parama RishibyoNama.. OM Tat Sat OM..

Words cannot explain what I have undergone in these months so summing up with two words, terrifying and mystifying experience.. Still its unclear how much more is remaining…

The idea behind sharing this experience is not to glorify me or my experience its to show the efficacy and superiority of Agnividya and Pranavidya bestowed by Rishi’s in yore.. Nama Parama RishibyoNama..

the video explains how to do agnihotra…

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Reader or Author?

One person told me. I did a favor for you, I bought ur book.
I replied him.. First of all, I dont want anyone favor and its wrong to buy my book as a favor, so if u buy it in that way then I am disappointed..

Secondly its wrong to say that u bought the book for my benefit. Its the reader who gains wisdom, not the author, and this wisdom of rishis is very rare to get so u should actually feel gratitude to me than me to u, if u r lucky then u get it, I am careless about all these things…

He told me u r arrogant now, I replied may be but that is how Vedanta is taught. It is not something to share in the way u perceive, it is secret teaching, that is y I stopped writing Vedanta in fb or twitter than just sharing quotes..

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