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Saving Relationships

I found out the best way to save ‪#‎relationship‬ with which most ppl are broken by ‪#‎fb‬ ‪#‎whatsapp‬ etc and ‪#‎internet‬ use. The main problem is we don’t have ‪#‎time‬ to spend with ‪#‎family‬ in home due to ‪#‎social‬ network so simply disconnect wifi and switch on to bsnl ‪#‎3G‬ if you are in ‪#‎india‬. Then you won’t have a network in home will have to surf everything outside so once u r in home u have time to ‪#‎talk‬. Even if you want use net in home the speed will be as good as that you can answer 100 questions from your wife before you get reply to ur msg in WhatsApp or FB..

Hereby I allow indian govt to use this tagline for the bsnl service for free of cost.

Bsnl 2G makes life better, connecting your people without disconnected from modern technology…

Disclaimer Note – this msg is not valid for those who have trees near your balcony and know climbing….

Good morning and good night as this is the last msg of today as i am entering home now.

Hope this msg is posted and you guys can read it…

Beep..ding dong..



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