Abusive Tongue

August 17, 2016 at 5:53 am Leave a comment

When one ‪#‎person‬ abuses another persons ‪#‎belief‬ in a ‪#‎speech‬ then one moron is born when ‪#‎listener‬ claps for it then its birth of two ‪#‎morons‬ and multiplication of morons brings terror…

‪#‎Ancient‬ ‪#‎Indians‬ knew this so they welcomed every ‪#‎thoughts‬ and didn’t spread hatred. If we analyse those place in which ‪#‎terror‬ dancing now then we can see that its their forefathers that has spilled the seeds in some other regions and now it became thicken woods elsewhere and eating them..

So remember the ‪#‎law‬ u reap what u sow, lamenting afterwards is like leaving the tree after giving up the hands that was securely holding..

Wen you believe in only text & abuse others then remember this equation, sadwis, nayiks & pastors should read this equation with their heart out..



Entry filed under: Abusing Religion, Hate, religion, Religious Fanatics, Religious Hate, Spreading Hate, wisdom.

Words In Work Life In A Metro

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