Healing Technique

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Upanishads says there are 72000 Nadis (network of nerves) and this again subdivided into more Subtle Nadis. Energy or Prana is flowing through this. But i think due to our life styles the food we eat and thoughts we think, majority of these Nadis are blocked. By this we get stress, sickness and lethargy.

Medicines cannot remove the blocks as it acts mainly in the gross body thus holistic healing methods come to rescue. Still am not sure how many therapies can activate these millions of Nadis and Chakras in which they are situated and clear the energy imbalance. When these Nadis are activated then it gives full energy recharge for 3 t 7 days. It bestows relaxation, rejuvenation, motivation, creativity, wellness and sound sleep like never before. It also triggers Detoxification when done in a regular systematic way.

In my healing experience i came to get in touch of Healing methodology which i feel is activating major Nadis. I am not sure how many of them are getting activated and how many does not. But since my hands are travelling almost all nooks and corners of the patients body in Energy Enhancing Massage Technique (EEMT) I think a very large number of them are getting activated. By such an energy massage benefits that obtained from Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Eastern & Western massages and also Reiki healing.

I feel delving in Buddhist and Hindu Tantra’s helped me to fine tune this Healing Technique along with the Reiki Master who taught me healing 15 years ago. Though saying all these I firmly believe it’s the Prana, Chi or Ki is the ultimate healer and Practitioners like me are only tools. Tools cannot claim fame from the efficacy bestowed from healing thus I have no claim whatsoever, just thought to share what I am doing as a Holistic Health Healer.

If you want to experience this EEMT healing or for a counseling session provided u r now in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai then don’t hesitate to call me or whats app me. As per the person whom I gave treatment two days before in a Spa center told me – “When you were healing I thought you are playing Tabla on my body and it was very rhythmic and natural!”

Thus I welcome you all for a Musical Mystical Energy Vibrations that reverberates in physical body and subtle body in the name of healing technique discovered from time immemorial.

Bodhi Wellness Care
Dr. Rajesh Nanoo (Alternative Medicine)
Mob – 9769514250
WhatsApp – 9895369280

Our Page – https://www.facebook.com/Bodhi-Wellness-Center-40861543597…/Bodi FB


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